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    3 videostills

    3 videostills: Vandaag op bezoek geweest bij Daniel en Daniel, ik heb ze gevraagd of ik ze tijdens het avondeten mocht…

  • ‘aardappeleter’ Tomek

    Nynke Deinema, videostill van de Poolse ‘aardappeleter’ Tomek.

    ‘vreemde handen’

    Hierbij wat foto’s voor op het blog: schetsen voor de installatie ‘vreemde handen’ Vandaag 2 Roemenen (David en David) ‘intiem’…

    ‘Modern potato eaters’

    Nynke Deinema started working on her ‘modern potato eaters’.

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    Vincent’s reply

    Vincent’s reply

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    Waarde Vincent

    Waarde Vincent Gert-Jan van den Bemd writes a letter to Vincent after his visit to the gueststudio where Jean Yves…

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    Interview with prize winning Brydee Rood

    Interview with prize winning Brydee Rood

  • Curator team

    Curator team for the upcoming exhibition visit Auregan in the guest studio. They like his works!

    Jean Yves Auregan paints a serie of self-portraits

    Inspired by Vincent Jean Yves Auregan paints a serie of self-portraits, more than one each day. But there are also…

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    Brydee Rood wins award

    Brydee Rood, who recently participated in the Van Gogh artist-in-residence, wins the Fulbright-Wallace Arts Trust Award, and will undertake a…

  • Margriet Smulders returns

    Margriet Smulders returns to take pictures of the Flower Corso.

  • Just arrived, Jean Yves Auregan

    Just arrived, Jean Yves Auregan is painting like a madman.

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    Our next artist Jean Yves Auregan from Crézancy-en-Sancerre will arrive on 30th August 2011.

  • Starry Night installation – Brydee Rood

    Starry Night installation – Brydee Rood

    Brydee Rood, Last night at Zundert

    Brydee Rood > Last night at Zundert

  • Zundert: Vincent Van Gogh

    Zundert: Vincent Van Gogh, the ‘Heide’, quaint Dutch houses flying neighbourhood flags, chiming bells, birdsong, a vibrant edible backyard and…

    Bird Rehab Centre

    After a visit to the Bird Rehab Centre Brydee Rood is making three window pieces of owls, using waste bags…

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    Brydee Rood

    Sunday 31 July 2011 Brydee Rood from New Zealand is coming to Zundert.

  • Open Atelier 23-24 Juli 2011

    Op 23 en 24 juli 2011 houdt Margriet Smulders open atelier naast de kosterswoning aan het Vincent van Goghplein te Zundert.…

    Margriet Smulders – Cloud Swing Experience

    Margriet Smulders – Cloud Swing Experiences

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    Cloud Swing Experience

    Margriet Smulders invites her guests to lie down on the Cloud Swing and to put their feelings onto paper before…

  • Margriet Smulders has settled

    Margriet Smulders has settled in the Guest Studio with her Cloud Swing.

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    Margriet Smulders

    13 June Margriet Smulders is coming to our Van Gogh Artist-in-residence.  She will be working here till 24 July.

    Open Studio Wenda Kieskamp

    Open studio: 2-5 June 2011

    Wenda Kieskamp

  • Interview with Wenda Kieskamp

    I met Wenda in the Zundert atelier where she has been working for the last three weeks. What I’ve noticed…

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    Open atelier: Wenda Kieskamp

    Van donderdag 2 juni tot en met zondag 5 juni 2011 houdt Wenda Kieskamp open atelier naast de kosterswoning aan…

    Wenda’s first sketches

    Wenda’s first sketches

  • Watching the artist at work

    Many people are interested in Wenda’s activity in the atelier…

  • We’re starting now!

    We’re officialy starting our Artist-in-Residence project today! Wenda Kieskamp came last Sunday, soon we will publish an interview with her…

  • Wenda Kieskamp our first guest

    Our Van Gogh Artist-in-Residence Project starts in May 2011. We can barely wait to meet in flesh and host our…