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The Roots of a master

The permanent interactive presentation
zooms on the youth of Vincent van Gogh





Current exhibitions

  • Vincent inspires – Acquisitions

    January 19th until March 17th 2019 The exhibition “Vincent inspires” presents new acquisitions which show that van Gogh still is a current source of inspiration for contemporary artists. You can see works by…

  • Vincent van GoghHuis exhibition 'The Roots of a masster'

    The roots of a master

    Our permanent exhibition focuses on the youth of the artist. Vincent himself will guide you in an audio tour about his special relationship with his brother Theo and the concerns…


Vik Muniz – Van Gogh in dahlia’s
Vik Muniz – Van Gogh in dahlia’s

The Brazilian artist/photographer Vik Muniz comes to Zundert at the end of August 2018 for the creation of an enormous…

Exhibition ‘After Van Gogh’
Exhibition ‘After Van Gogh’

Van Gogh paintings (icons in art-history) reproduced in contemporary works of art, but in quite a different way and thereby…