Van Gogh returns home

Exhibition painting Art Gallery Albricht

Van Gogh back in Zundert after half a century

After more than half a century, a real Van Gogh can once again be seen in Zundert. From December 21, 2016 to January 29, 2017, the Vincent van GoghHuis is exhibiting the painting The New Church and Old Houses in The Hague (1883). The work, which expresses a special Christmas spirit, is being loaned by Art Gallery Albricht from Oosterbeek.

The Van GoghHuis is delighted with this occasion. The last time original works by Van Gogh were on display in his native village was in 1964, on the occasion of the unveiling of Ossip Zadkine's Van Gogh monument. Then, as in his 100th year of birth, 1953, an exhibition was held with loans from the Van Gogh family. That is no longer an option for a long time. Nevertheless, it is a cherished wish to show a work by Van Gogh from time to time in the museum that was established in 2008 on his native soil. Thanks to the loan from Art Gallery Albricht, this opportunity now presents itself for the first time.

Bob Albricht recently bought the painting from the estate of a private collector in France. It is an early painting from Van Gogh's The Hague period with a row of workers' houses in the foreground. Behind it is the Nieuwe Kerk.

This old Protestant church must have had a special meaning for Van Gogh. Vincent was, after all, the son of a pastor and himself very religious. No doubt he attended services in this church during his stay in The Hague and it was no coincidence that he chose to depict this building. It symbolized his father's world. By combining the motif of the house of God with the shelters of simple people in front of it, with which Van Gogh was very fond, he expressed his social commitment in the light of his father's faith. The painting is therefore much more than a mere topographical representation. It carries a message that is in line with the Christmas spirit. Christmas was a special time for the Van Gogh family, preferably spent together at home. In that sense it is extra special that this meaningful work now returns to the parental home in Zundert at Christmas.

Made possible thanks to: Art Gallery Albricht