Guest Studio

In 1862/63 the Dutch Reformed Congregation of Zundert bought an old house next to the Protestant church on the advice of Vincent van Gogh’s father. Theodorus van Gogh collected sixty guilders within the community of Zundert to have the building refurbished. He himself contributed ten guilders. Thus, thanks to Vincent’s father, the house could be saved from demolition and converted into a sexton’s house for the church of which he was pastor.
In 2008 the building was once again in poor condition and was in danger of being demolished. The Van GoghGalerie & Gastatelier Foundation has prevented the proposed demolition and has drawn up a plan to renovate the building and give it a new meaningful interpretation in relation to Vincent van Gogh. With the support of the province of North Brabant and the municipality of Zundert, the sexton’s house has been completely restored and is now used as a guest house and gallery for contemporary art.

A new guest studio has been built next to the sexton’s house from Van Gogh’s time. This studio is always made available for a period to an artist, from home or abroad, who ‘follows in the footsteps of Van Gogh’ and therefore creates work inspired by this location. The artists stay in the sexton’s house.

The Van Gogh artist-in-residence project has been running since May 2011. In the next years guests will be:
– Matijs van de Kerkhof (jan 2021)
– Ema Vanekova (feb 2021)
– Betsy Green (maart 2021)
– Rachel Gruijters (april 2021)
– Alexandra van Dongen (mei 2021)
– Jochem Rotteveel (juni 2021)
– Steven Peters Caraballo (juli 2021)
– Hyojun Hyun (aug 2021)
– Cedric ter Bals (sept 2021)
– Jeanine Vloemans (okt 2021)
– Gam Bodenhausen (nov 2021)
– Rainer Fetting (dec 2021)
– Joey Sepers (jan 2022), winnaar Van Gogh AiR Prijs | St Joost – School of Art & Design
– Stijn Kriele (feb 2022)
– Mike Dings (maart 2022), i.h.k.v. Jump!
– Koen Hauser (april 2022), i.s.m. BredaPhoto
– Doreen Wittenbols (mei 2022)
– KASBOEK collectief (juni 2022)
– Emmy Bergsma (juli 2022)
– Jenetta de Konink (aug 2022)
– Stella van Voorst van Beest (sept 2022)
– Marijn de Jong (okt 2022)
– Johan Tahon (nov 2022)
– Loran van de Wier (dec 2022), winnaar Van Gogh AiR Prijs | St Joost – School of Art & Design
– Emilia Tapprest (jan 2023)
– Machteld Rullens (feb 2023)
– Paul Klemann (maart 2023)
– Flora Bradwell (april 2023)
– Lotte Wieringa (mei 2023)
– Efrat Merin (juni 2023)
– Jacquie Maria Wessels (juli 2023)
– Asuka Nirasawa (aug 2023)
– Elisia Poelman (sept 2023)
– Tja Ling Hu (okt 2023)
– Anoek Mensink (nov 2023), winnaar Van Gogh AiR Prijs | St Joost – School of Art & Design
– Chantal van Lieshout (dec 2023), i.h.k.v. Jump!
– Vita Buivid (jan 2024)
– Tamara Muller (feb 2024)
– Jerrold Saija (maart 2024), i.h.k.v. Jump!
– Christoph Mügge (april 2024)
– Isamo Thissen (mei 2024)
– Carien Vugts (juni 2024)
– Jarik Jongman (juli 2024)
– Wouter van Riessen (aug 2024)
– Shu Isaka (sept 2024)
– Samuel Sarmiento (okt 2024)
– Shigeru Hasegawa (maart + april 2025)
– Petra Noordkamp (mei 2025)
– Soichiro Mihara (juni 2025)

At the end of each working period, the artists hold an exhibition in the Van GoghGalerie.

For more information:
[email protected]

The ‘Van Gogh Artist-in-residence’ is made possible in part thanks to the province of North Brabant