The restored sexton’s house from Van Gogh’s period is just a stone’s throw from the Vincent van Gogh House. A gallery has been established in this annexe. Next to this is a guest studio housing a Van Gogh ‘Artist in Residence’. Artists from home and abroad are invited to work here for a period of time in Van Gogh’s spirit. The results of this are then presented in the Van Gogh Gallery.

Now at work: Efrat Merin

A second guest studio opened in 2021. This is located in a monumental Flemish barn on Landgoed De Moeren in the future Van Gogh National Park. Here artists work for two months in the natural environment that exudes the atmosphere of Van Gogh.

Now at De Moeren: Aaron van Erp


Van Gogh AiR is made possible by province North-Brabant

Open Call Van Gogh AiR 2023-2024