You can contact us through for our full program of painting, drawing, poetry of ceramics workshops.

Workshop ‘Paint like Van Gogh’
How did Van Gogh use his brushes? How did he mix his colours? Experience the way Vincent painted by making a painting according to his tradition.

Workshop ‘Van Gogh and Nature’
First, you will take a walk through the woods and moors where you will be told about the way Van Gogh experienced nature. Why did he paint so many willows? What did he learn from studying nature? After the walk, you’ll be making your own study of nature.

Workshop ‘Draw like Van Gogh’
Van Gogh was a skilful sketcher. In his early years he made a lot of drawings of, among other things, birds and bird’s nests. These subjects are at the heart of this workshop.Location: Bird’s Rehabilitation Centre Zundert.

Workshop ‘I’m being painted by Van Gogh’
Van Gogh painted numerous portraits: self-portraits and portraits of others. Now this is your chance to learn how to make a portrait.