Petra Hart – Van Gogh Based Tunics

Petra Hart – Van Gogh Based Tunics
Petra Hart – Van Gogh Based Tunics


The little box includes: Van Gogh Based Tunic with a small belt, small travel bag, fashion lookbook, booklet about the journey of Vincent including part of his letters, Van Gogh Heritage Sites and Museums.

5 in 1 Tunic:1 Item // 5 Garments
– Working:Shirt
– Beaching:Caftan
– Dining:Blouse
– Dancing:Top
– Clubbing:Dress
Composition:100% Silk
One size:Both sides wearable
Details:Belt, colorful pattern, short sleeves, round collar, no pockets, vector drawing
Artist:Petra Hart
Style:Van Gogh Based
Manufactured in:The Netherlands



Looking for an ultimate item which you can wear in a variety of ways for different occasions Petra Hart designed these wonderful 5 in 1 Tunics. With a simple small belt these tunics are in all different ways wearable on both sides and in five different styles: working shirts, beaching caftans, clubbing dresses, dining blouses and dancing tops. Especially designed for you, to make life easier. You always look stunning wearing these elegant tunics, set in 100% silk. High quality silk products which are not only cool in summer but also warm in winter. They’re elastic, strong and durable and weighs only 90 grams so easy to travel with. Manufactured in The Netherlands since 2016 by contemporary artist Petra Hart.


Petra Hart is a professional artist. She works multidisciplinary and in clearly defined concepts. The concepts are distinguished in subject matter and discipline. It covers not only art, but also design, fashion and gastronomy. The common denominator is nature (in the broadest sense of the word) as a source of inspiration (by imitating nature, fantastic solutions can be created not only to help ourselves further but also to make a better world) and the fact that she works from a vector-based computer program (vector-drawing is 100% sharp, any size). Besides this she’s founder of Charity Foundation, making a better world aimed at nature (also in the broadest sense of the word). She lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Petra Hart lets her public experience a process of deconstruction. She shows the aesthetic qualities and wondrous mathematically of nature and removes all boundaries of size, scale and materiality from her subject by transferring it to the digital realm. With a great eye for detail she creates a vector-based drawing of the chosen subject. This digital grid then forms the base for a visual play of lines representing a digital re-interpretation of a natural phenomenon set in metal (art) or silk (fashion) in combination with a sampling of colors that make up the appearance of the original.

The serie Van Gogh is inspired on three paintings of Vincent van Gogh. The Olive Trees, Vase with Peonies and Bowl with Peonies and Roses.